Sunday, December 9, 2012

Digging to Find Me

Have you ever thought that you were incomplete without a cute pair of shoes, or a shirt that was flattering to your figure? Well, if you had asked me yesterday I would have smiled and gushed, "No! Of course not! I am complete in Christ and I know that." But today I found out that I wasn't. I realized I couldn't stand to let my friends see me unless my hair was perfectly in place and I was wearing something either a) new b) flattering or c) colorful. When had I become this person that was addicted to the outside stuff? I couldn't be just ME anymore. Shoes, clothes and hair had become an idol without me even realizing.

So I am writing so that you don't fall into the same trap I have. You may not even see it coming. Don't let this beauty idol be accepted because your just a "teen girl that wants to be pretty". I know you have probably heard this about a million times, but please listen "YOU are beautiful." No I'm not talking about those hot heels you wore yesterday. Those shoes aren't you. Your dazzling smile, your kind words, your compassionate heart. That's YOU. Please don't let this dark world brainwash you from that concept.

Yep, I'm gonna have to dig myself out of this ugly trap... But its worth it, because I will find the beautiful person God has created me to be. I also know, I am not alone. God isn't gonna leave me in this mess. He's right at my side helping me get out of this one. So goodbye all. I need to dig beneath all the shoes and hair and clothes and curves to find ME again.