Sunday, March 25, 2012

God's Word Tour

Hi All! As many of you know this week I will be taking a week trip with my Bible Quizzing team to our Bible Quizzing Extravaganza. My quiz team mates and I will be driving all the way there (18 hours or longer). I thought it would be an encouragment for all of us if I posted a video of my teamates quoting a verse that we learned this year, and then talking about what that verse meant to us. If there are no technical difficulties, you should be receiving videos for each day I am gone. I hope that those of you here, will be able to watch the videos, and enjoy learning about God's Word with us!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little Problems

Hunger Games. Need I say more? Practically every teen has read or at least heard of the Hunger Games books. As many of you know the movie came out yesterday, and God gave me the privilege of seeing it opening night. But that wasn't even the best part. Here's the cool part: I wanted to buy the People Magazine Hunger Games Special Edition after watching the movie, but I couldn't find it at any stores. It was sold out. I went to all kinds of stores, asking and searching for the magazine, but no one had it. I was so disappointed, because I wanted to read the magazine on my trip to Texas. As I was walking in the parking lot, I decided to chat with God.

"God, if it is at all possible could you please let me get People Magazine Hunger Games Special Edition. I promise I won't even open it until I get on the trip. But, God, just please let me be able to buy it and get it before our trip. Amen." So my mom and I went into a dollar store to pick up some grocery items. I quick looked around, and didn't even notice an aisle with magazines, my heart plummeted. But just as my mom was checking out, I decided to ask the manager anyway.

"Um, do you have the People Hunger Games Special Edition Magazine here?" I asked. He rolled his eyes.

"All of our magazines are in that rack over there," he droned. That's when I noticed, the small rack. I scanned over the magazines. Suddenly, it appeared! Tucked in the back were four copies of my magazine. I couldn't believe it!

"Thank you, thank you, Jesus!" I whispered. I still was shocked at this little old dollar store had one of the last copies of this magazine. But God had somehow, someway had put this magazine in my path, and even though all the other stores were sold out. He found a way for me to have one.

Sometimes we forget that God cares about our little problems too. I mean, do you think not having that magazine would change my life forever? Probably not. But God still answered my little prayer in the middle of a parking lot, because He loves us. So don't ever think that your small problems don't matter to God. He loves you so much, and won't ever brush you aside. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the People Hunger Games Special Edition for my trip! So what little question haven't you bothered to ask God about?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid

A few days ago, I was talking one of my friends telling him a hilarious story. He was laughing, and we were just joking around, when suddenly I heard ding from the inside of his pocket. His hand flew to his pocket and snatched his phone. I thought he was simply going to check his phone and continue the conversation, but he stared intently at the screen. I proceeded to talk, and told him something funny that had happened the day before. He started laughing, and I was happy that I had caught his attention. I told him I thought it was funny too. Suddenly, he glanced up from his phone, "Oh, no, someone just texted me a joke. You can keep going though." Great. That made me feel real important. I guess, whoever texted him was way more important than I was. Was he too stupid to see how much this had hurt me?

The title of this video says it all. Has your smart phone made you stupid? I think it is absolutely crazy that teens treat their phone as if it contains their soul. I, at times, have unfortunately been sucked into that virtual world (don't think that my friend was the only one who had done this). I sometimes need to be reminded that the world around us is much more important than that buzzing, ringing, piece of metal in my purse. After you view this video I pray that it will remind you how important it is, that we enjoy the people around us and put our phones on silent (that means no vibrating either). Also if you have any friends that are addicted to their cell phones, show them this video. It may also help to open their eyes to the way they are treating others around them. Don't forget to enjoy your real family and friends right now. Don't let your smart phone make you stupid.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


This song is 'Beautiful' by MercyMe. Now I normally don't ever listen to this song, because it is not my style of music, but I loved this slide show. It spoke volumes to me, saying that God loves me, and thinks I am beautiful no matter what. Sometimes, we feel lonely and forgotten inside, and think they we could never be loved again. But God loves you, and thinks your beautiful. If today is just one of those day when you feel ugly and alone, watch this video. I hope it will uplift your spirits and remind you how much you are loved.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Blind Shrimp, the Goby, and the Flick

Above is a picture of the goby fish and the blind shrimp. These two creatures are really intriguing!  What's so amazing about the goby and the blind shrimp is that they are totally dependant upon each other for their lives, even though they are completely different spieces. The goby is a pretty much regular looking fish, and really has no real means of protection. The blind shrimp is literally blind and is in a totally different category as far as sea creatures go, but has a special talent for digging holes.  These two come together, and make an inseperable, and stunning team. It's the shrimp's job to make a hole under the water, in the sand for a home, and a place of protection. But while the shrimp is digging he can't see if there are predators nearby. That's where the goby comes in. He sits outside the hole that the shrimp is making and keeps an eye out for predators. If he sees anything that might be a threat to him or his companion, he flicks his fin to warn the shrimp. But the cool part about this is that the shrimp always has a tentacle wrapped around the goby's fin, so he can feel the flick as he is digging and removing sand. As soon as the shrimp feels the goby's sudden movement, the two of them dive deep down in the hole and away from danger. So the shrimp gets a protector, and the goby gets a home. Isn't that an amazing relationship!

Thinking about this relationship makes me wonder about my relationship with God. I mean, I'm as blind as the shrimp, but God is like the goby showing me the way to go. While I'm in this world, I need to hold onto God and feel for the flick, that it is time to move on. I have to remember that I am blind, and that I need to depend fully on God to tell me where to go. Imagine if that shrimp took one of his tentacles off of the goby, he would be wandering in the water blind, and not even knowing which way to go. What if the the blind shrimp ignored the flick, and just kept right on moving sand away from his precious hole. Snap! He would be some body's dinner in a matter of seconds.

But lets take a moment to think about God's relationship to us. I mean if you think about it, God really needs us. Angels can't do the work that we can on this earth. The scripture says that God was looking far and wide for a vessel that he could use. God is also in need of a home; in that he wants to dwell among us. On this earth he chooses us to be those vessels he will dwell in. So in a way we are totally dependent on each other.