Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid

A few days ago, I was talking one of my friends telling him a hilarious story. He was laughing, and we were just joking around, when suddenly I heard ding from the inside of his pocket. His hand flew to his pocket and snatched his phone. I thought he was simply going to check his phone and continue the conversation, but he stared intently at the screen. I proceeded to talk, and told him something funny that had happened the day before. He started laughing, and I was happy that I had caught his attention. I told him I thought it was funny too. Suddenly, he glanced up from his phone, "Oh, no, someone just texted me a joke. You can keep going though." Great. That made me feel real important. I guess, whoever texted him was way more important than I was. Was he too stupid to see how much this had hurt me?

The title of this video says it all. Has your smart phone made you stupid? I think it is absolutely crazy that teens treat their phone as if it contains their soul. I, at times, have unfortunately been sucked into that virtual world (don't think that my friend was the only one who had done this). I sometimes need to be reminded that the world around us is much more important than that buzzing, ringing, piece of metal in my purse. After you view this video I pray that it will remind you how important it is, that we enjoy the people around us and put our phones on silent (that means no vibrating either). Also if you have any friends that are addicted to their cell phones, show them this video. It may also help to open their eyes to the way they are treating others around them. Don't forget to enjoy your real family and friends right now. Don't let your smart phone make you stupid.

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  1. Thanks Pure In Heart...I promise to laugh at your jokes all the way to the BQE.