Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little Problems

Hunger Games. Need I say more? Practically every teen has read or at least heard of the Hunger Games books. As many of you know the movie came out yesterday, and God gave me the privilege of seeing it opening night. But that wasn't even the best part. Here's the cool part: I wanted to buy the People Magazine Hunger Games Special Edition after watching the movie, but I couldn't find it at any stores. It was sold out. I went to all kinds of stores, asking and searching for the magazine, but no one had it. I was so disappointed, because I wanted to read the magazine on my trip to Texas. As I was walking in the parking lot, I decided to chat with God.

"God, if it is at all possible could you please let me get People Magazine Hunger Games Special Edition. I promise I won't even open it until I get on the trip. But, God, just please let me be able to buy it and get it before our trip. Amen." So my mom and I went into a dollar store to pick up some grocery items. I quick looked around, and didn't even notice an aisle with magazines, my heart plummeted. But just as my mom was checking out, I decided to ask the manager anyway.

"Um, do you have the People Hunger Games Special Edition Magazine here?" I asked. He rolled his eyes.

"All of our magazines are in that rack over there," he droned. That's when I noticed, the small rack. I scanned over the magazines. Suddenly, it appeared! Tucked in the back were four copies of my magazine. I couldn't believe it!

"Thank you, thank you, Jesus!" I whispered. I still was shocked at this little old dollar store had one of the last copies of this magazine. But God had somehow, someway had put this magazine in my path, and even though all the other stores were sold out. He found a way for me to have one.

Sometimes we forget that God cares about our little problems too. I mean, do you think not having that magazine would change my life forever? Probably not. But God still answered my little prayer in the middle of a parking lot, because He loves us. So don't ever think that your small problems don't matter to God. He loves you so much, and won't ever brush you aside. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the People Hunger Games Special Edition for my trip! So what little question haven't you bothered to ask God about?

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  1. God has done things in my life like that too. Its great that you were able to buy it.