Thursday, June 7, 2012

God's Not Going to College

The idea of my big brother growing up and leaving for college, has always scared me. But now that I realize that he will be leaving in only a couple of months, it pratically brings tears to my eyes. Sometimes I just burst into tears for no reason, when he's just standing in the room. The first time this happened, my brother was very touched by this flood of emotion, but now, after about the fifth time, he just rolls his eyes. I tell him how worried I am about him and how I don't know how he will possibly live on his own, how he will get a job, or make friends.

The last time this happened, he actually said something that made me stop and think. He commented, "You know, I don't think your that upset that I won't be okay. I think your crying over the fact that you will be left here alone. Plus you think I will forget about you, because I'll live so far away." That made me stop crying, because inside I knew he was right.

Growing up is a part of life, whether we like it or not. It doesn't matter if we are talking about our relationship with our brothers, sisters, friends or even God. As time passes, things change. We grow and sometimes those things around us don't stay the same. As for God, when we grow, fortunately, God grows with us. When we grow older there seems to be more things to fill our day, and God is many times left out of our growth. He is either too confusing to try to understand, or too simple and childish.

When we were younger, our life with God was predictable. We read our little picture Bible, kneeled beside our bed and prayed every night. As we get older many times we forget that God grows with us, and cares about the same things we do. He is right there beside you talking to you at your level, but often times we aren't listening. It's important,as we grow, we let God grow with us and change us for the better as we  become closer to Him.

With my brother going into college, my relationship with him will change. If I choose to allow myself to grow with this relationship, I think it can be just as strong but in a different way. Fortunately, God won't ever leave you to go to college. He is always there, sticking close by no matter what happens. I may not be able to stick close to my brother, physically, but God will never leave him or me. Just like He will never leave you.


  1. Great post! I love the pic of you and your brother.

  2. Such a cute pic. I certainly would probably feel the same way if my older sibling was leaving for college.


  3. Aww this was such a sweet post, Anna! I know it must be really hard to have things change, but you have obviously been bringing your fears into the light of God's truth. You are an example to me in how you are thinking through this. Continue to rely on Him, and He won't let you down.

    Thank you for writing such an encouraging post even when you are struggling!
    - Aimee