Friday, September 9, 2011

Godly Shoes

This photo is a picture of the tops of my Converses (I absolutely love these shoes). I wrote Proverbs 15:30 on my left toes of my shoes. Which basically talks about having the "light in the eyes", which means that there is always that sparkle in your eye that gives people the feeling, you are really happy. Sometimes I forget to smile. So this is a way to remind myself to always have a joyful countenance even when I'm having a bad day.

On my other foot I wrote John 12:43, which says how the Pharisees looked for the praises from men instead of the praises from God. This little note on my Converses just reminds me that often times I search for people (mostly guys) to be impressed by the way I look or act. Sometimes I strive to much for human praises. I'm using this method to try to get my mind to focus on how God thinks of the way I act or look. This is an awesome idea that I use to remind myself of God's promises. You can always try out the idea, too!

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