Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radical in our Worship

All of us worship God in different ways, and we each have our own way of giving God glory, but are we just using that excuse to not do anything in church? I mean, how often do we stand in church sing the songs by heart and clap our hands, with absolute no expression on our faces. I tend to do that alot, but I've been thinking that maybe I need to start changing that habit. Jesus died on a cross for me, gave up His life for my sins and I don't even send him a cute thank you card. Instead, I say some words that mean absolutely nothing to me and smack my palms together. Is that really the best I can do? I was thinking it's time to start getting radical for Jesus. That's why I posted this video below. He is a guy, who loves Jesus from the inside out and isn't ashamed to worship God with all that he has in him. His nickname is Spinney, and you'll see why. This guy really inspires me and I hope he inspires you too. I posted both parts of the song, but you should make sure to watch the first part. Now lets start being radical for Jesus.

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