Monday, December 26, 2011


Bubbles. Bubbles are such a beautiful creation. I dipped the bubble blower into the clear and glossy liquid. I blew them at my little sister as she squealed, clapping her chubby hands together. She spun in circles laughing as I blew bubbles down on her. How beautiful are theses little clear round circles that seem to be made just by blowing. As I blew them up at the ceiling I noticed that they almost seemed to change colors. The light reflected off of the bubbles causing them to change from purple to pink to green to yellow. Until all of the colors seemed to be dripping around this single circle of air. How beautiful.

But once you think about it, my sister's favorite delight is just some soap mixed with water. Really that's it. No special potion or expensive mineral is put into those little plastic bottles. You don't even have to pay big bucks for bubbles, just $1 for a three pack. Yet they are so beautiful. It caused me to think about amazing people who were in the Bible. I mean look at David. David was just some shepherd boy who had a way with sheep. But God used this kid to kill a giant and become a king of an entire nation. God used a boy that had a love for Him and made something beautiful and great. Just like bubbles made from soap and water.


  1. You were very descriptive describing the bubbles. Wow! I seriously luv your pic.

  2. I luv your poll! You should really consider doing it more often. :)