Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 20: Twist and Pull

Today's style is called The Twist and Pull. It is like The Braid, in many ways, but has a completely different look. I enjoyed this style, but didn't get to where it much of the day because it was really hot. Yep, I am not feeling good at all. My entire body seems to throb in unison. Nothing seems to help me. Keep praying.

Today I am thankful for Christmas music. I know, sounds pretty strange, right? Well, because I oppose Christmas music before Thanksgiving, it was a real joy traveling home today and hearing to some of my Christmas favorites. Something about Christmas music fills me with joy! My family was singing Christmas carols yesterday and you could just feel God in the room with us. It was out of this world! I hope today you are listen to Christmas tunes and are enjoying the holiday spirit!

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