Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 23: DIY Infinity

Hi! Today's scarf style is called The DIY Infinity. I know, it looks a lot like the other Infinty that we had for Day 6. But all you change is the kind of scarf you are using. Anyways, its more of a summer style but it still looks nice for the winter.

Today I am thankful for guy friends. Okay, it does sound a little weird, and I am not meaning boyfriends at all. I talking about guys you've none for like forever, but you don't have that boyfriend relationship. They're more like brothers. These guys are super fun to hang with. I mean, you talk and laugh about things that would be kinda of weird for girls to talk about. Tonight I spent a lot of time hanging with those kind of boys. Its really fun for me because these guys are rarely serious and you spend a ton of time laughing. Its fun, you can really see how guys and girls are incredibly different, but you also get to have a look into how guys think. That's why I am thankful to have friends that are guys, because they can be a refreshing break from the little circles of giggling girls, and you have the opportunity to look at things differently.


  1. Hey all! I'm commenting on this post becuz that's the only thing I can do. I had typed up the entire post for today and was just about to attach the pic when something happened to my blog. An error ocurred and now I can not post or edit any of my earlier posts. Today is the second to last day, go figure something like this would happen. Anyways today's style was The Decoration. Its exactly like the European Loop except that you add a flower to the scarf to pin it together. It ended up looking awesome.

    Today I am thankful that today is the second to the last day of this challenge. I know it sounds strange but after tomorrow, I will never in my entire life wear a scarf. NEVER! You have no idea how hard it is to post every single solitary, much less take a picture and try to come up with something to be thankful for. So today I am thankful that I had this opportunity to do a 25 day challenge, but I am ever so grateful it will be ending.

  2. I love this photo of you lighting the candles.(love candlelight) I hope you were kidding about never wearing a scarf again. The styles look so good on you and inspired me to dress up my outfits with a scarf.