Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 22: Men's Tie

I know, today's style sounds strange. But it really is actually pretty cool. For me it was simple to do, after watching my brother do his ties :), but if your not used to watching others do it, it might be a bit more difficult. I am feeling well! Yes, finally, I woke up this morning without feeling totally drained. I'm still not eating my regular amounts of food though. (as Isabel put it, in her comment on yesterday's post) I am on the road to good health..... finally.

Today I am thankful for Christmas decorations. Oh, the joy of putting up the Christmas tree and hanging the ornaments. Just looking at others decorations often puts us in a cheerful mood, and starts preparing us for the season. It also gives us a chance to see Jesus on others' lawns and stores, where He is often never seen. I can not even tell you how many nativities I put up. Our family seems to have loads of them! But, still, it is a joy to see all the different types decorations and that reminds us of Jesus' birth. That's what really matters!

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