Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 2: Classic Drape

Hi All! Today is the Classic Drape, this one is even more easy than the day before. It really made the outfit and I was super excited about wearing it. How about you, did you try it out?

Today was another interesting day. While in art class I was sitting with my leg tucked under me and this kid banged my leg and suddenly my knee became dislocated. At the end of class I hopped over into a corner in a hallway and for over 45 minutes massaged my knee. The pain was intoxicating I started seeing spots and I thought I was seriously going to faint. I prayed that God would see me through this and started giving myself pep talks. But what really made me hurt the most was the fact that everyone past me by. I was sitting in the corner close to tears, and no one stopped. A teacher did ask if I was okay and I told her what happened, but she eventually just left leaving me in so much pain. At that moment I could really have used someone to just sit down and talk to me, trying to keep my mind off the pain. But there was no one. Even though it didn't feel like though, God was there. I mean He promised in His Word that He'll be there, but it sure didn't feel like it.

Sometimes life will throw some curve balls at us. But always remember that no matter what God is there. So today I am so thankful that God is always by my side, even in the tough times.

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