Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fast Foward Past Your Addictions

Every Monday our family fasts breakfast and prays for our church, pastor and other challenges we face. But on Sunday, my brother came up with this crazy idea. He said, "What if we fasted YouTube, all movies and saying lines from YouTube and videos!" My mom whole heartily agreed (she was tired of us constantly saying lines from movies). Now to you this may seem like nothing, but for my brother and I, this was a big deal. I mean, we were constantly incorporating lines from movies in our everyday language such as "Never heard that one before. YEAH!" (Madagascar) "Better out than in, I always say" (Shrek) "Now this looks like an Ipod adapter." (Tooth Fairy). Don't even get me started about Julian Smith on YouTube. I mean seriously he is hilarious (if you don't know who he is, look him up on YouTube, his videos are so funny).

On Monday, pretty much every fifteen minutes I would almost start saying a line from a movie like "Megamind", and then quick stop myself. Or my brother would start singing a song from one of Julian Smith's movies and would have to repent to God. The strangest thing happened though, we really actually had to watch everything we were saying. We had no idea how addicted we had become to saying lines from movies or YouTube. What about you? Are you addicted to something? Maybe it isn't parts of movies or going on YouTube, maybe it's something else. Try going an entire day without doing or saying anything about it, see what happens. It really was very interesting learning how often we said those things. But, hey it opened our eyes, and taught us how to watch our mouths.

I also was thinking, what if we were that addicted to God. I mean what if we had to take Him out of our lives for one day, would it be that hard for us? We, as Christians should stop focusing on these materials things, or things that are just plain dumb. We should always be in step with God, saying lines from the Bible or spending time with our Saviour. Imagine what our lives would be like then? Gotta go,

Mom said I could watch another Julian Smith clip off of YouTube when I finished this post. LOL.

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